WatchGuard Firebox T15-W MSSP Appliance (WW)

  • Part: 1292293
  • Model: WGT16997-WW


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Includes built-in wireless AP - 802.11b/g/n operating in the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands for high performance and superior reliability. Ideal for small office/home office and small retail environments; and large businesses that need to extend UTM-level protection to remote workers. Recommended User Count: 5 Firewall Throughput: 400Mbps VPN Throughput: 150Mbps AV Throughput: 120Mbps IPS Throughput: 160Mbps UTM Throughput: 90MBps Concurrent Sessions: 100,000 1 Gig Ports: 3 PoE Ports: N/A Perfect as a stand-alone solution for a small or home office, the Firebox T15 is also ideal for larger organizations that want to extend easy-to-use, full UTM protection for remote workers and smaller sites. With WatchGuard’s Total Security Suite, the Firebox T15 is a cost-effective security powerhouse that delivers nearly every feature present in WatchGuard’s higher end UTM appliances, including all security capabilities such as ransomware protection and data loss prevention. Rethink How You Manage the Perimeter It's no secret that attackers go for the weakest link when trying to get into a corporate network, and this is often a home office or small office user. Now you can leverage the power of a complete UTM solution in remote locations and manage them from WatchGuard’s single, centralized console.