Tenda 8 Ports 100M + 1Gigabit

  • Part: 1732848
  • Model: TEF1109DT


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TEF1109DT/Switch/9-Port 10/100M Ethernet Desktop Switch

TEF1109DT is a 9-port fast Ethernet switch developed by Tenda, offering 9 10/100 Mbps RJ45 ports. Equipped with large packet buffer, it also ensures smooth streaming even when 8 HD IP cameras are working simultaneously. You can enable port VLAN mode of the switch to protect your LAN network from broadcast storm and prevent loss of monitoring images. In addition, the switch offers 6 kV lightning protection for its uplink port. In a word, TEF1109DT is a perfect choice for small and medium-sized IP surveillance projects and enterprises to have network.

8-ports 100M + 1Gigabit Switch,
* up to 250 meter transmission distance,
* Lightning Protection Up to 6kV for uplink,
* Desktop & Wall-mounting Design, steel case