littleBits Steam+ Class Pack - 30 Students

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littleBits STEAM+ Class Pack is the ultimate STEAM learning toolkit, containing 240 Bits, 10 newly designed durable storage containers, printed teacher support materials and 40+ standards-aligned lessons to engage the entire class. Integrate programming with the Fuse app to level up and create digital circuits • Supports unplugged activities for up to 30 students, and coding capabilities for all students with the new Fuse app • Run 50+ unplugged/no device required cross-curricular lessons and 20+ coding lessons on littleBits classroom • Units included: Engineering design, science, ELA, computational thinking and coding through game design • Improved durable storage for easy organization and clean up (every group has their own tray) • Printed materials included for easier implementation and reflection prompts allow for introspection and self-expression opportunities enabling both students and teachers to monitor patterns and progress • Lessons are aligned to NGSS, CCSS and CSTA. Whats in the Pack - Bits • 10x button • 10x temperature sensor • 10x long LED • 10x buzzer • 10x servo • 10x USB power • 10x wire • 10x pressure sensor • 10x speaker • 10x square LED matrix • 10x codeBit • 10x light sensor • 10x power • 10x DC motor • 10x pulse • 10x fork • 10x slide dimmer • 10x fan • 10x inverter • 10x number • 10x RGB LED Accessories • 10x Recharable batteries • littleBits codeBit dongle • 20x powerSnap • 10x USB cable, 1.5mm • 10x USB cable, 0.5mm • Magnet BitShoes • Hook and Loop BitShoes • Twist Ties • 10x 9V batteries + Cable • 10x XL mounting boards • 10x USB Power Adapter + Cable • 20x Wheels • 30x Mechanical arms • 10x Mounting Boards • 20x wires • 20x DC Motors • 10x Durable Storage Carrying Cases • 100s other accessories"